5 Water Heater Repair Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

With so many things in our homes, you don’t appreciate your water heater until it stops working. When you’re dealing with water heater damage, it feels like you can’t do anything else. You can’t wash yourself, your clothes, or your dishes. In addition, a broken water heater can quickly become a serious health hazard.

When your water heater stops working, dangerous levels of carbon monoxide could build-up, or pressure could increase to the point where your water heater might explode. That’s why identifying and fixing broken water heaters is such an important skill.

However, it is crucial that you do not make one of the major water heater repair mistakes, otherwise, you will make the problem worse. Read our guide to find out the main mistakes people make when repairing water heaters, and how to avoid them. 

1. Not Calling a Professional

There is no getting around this one. Water heater problems are dangerous and usually require a skilled tradesman to fix. You can go it alone, but the risks are much lower if you just pick up the phone and call a qualified water heater repair service to take care of everything for you. We have years of experience repairing water heaters quickly and at a price that you can afford, so get in touch if you want us to take care of it. 

2. Using the Wrong Materials

If you are repairing your water heater problems alone, you will need the right parts to patch your system back together. One of the most common mistakes people make here is choosing incompatible metal materials for different parts. For example, someone might choose to attach their new copper pipes by using steel nipples. However, this will only make the pipes corrode more quickly, causing much more costly damages further down the road. 


3. Improper Pipe Soldering

If you are repairing a water heater, you will probably need to solder some new pipes to your water tank and line. However, if you do this wrong, you can destroy the tank. Since the water tank is most likely to be plastic, soldering too close to the surface will melt the tank and require a full-scale replacement, which could cost you thousands. 


4. Choosing the Wrong Replacement Size

You might be tempted to hop online and order a new water heater. However, you should avoid the extremely common mistake of ordering the wrong size. Remember, you need to make sure your tank is actually large enough to meet the water needs of your household. A person should have around 55 liters each, meaning that a two-person household needs a minimum 100-liter water tank. Keep this rule in mind. 

5. Forgetting to Purge the Tank

Finally, don’t forget to purge the tank of your new water heater before you use it! If you do not do this you will be doomed to low water pressure and an uneven flow, which no one wants. Fill up your tank and turn on all the taps in the house to purge the air out of the whole system. Do this before the water is heated up. You will thank us for this one later. 


Call Us to Avoid Water Heater Repair Mistakes

Water heater repair mistakes are costly. They cost you your quality of life, your bank balance, and your peace of mind. Avoid these completely by calling local professionals to take care of it for you. Give us a call today to find out our rates.