No Hot Water in Your Home? Here’s What to Do

It’s well and truly winter, so waking up with no hot water in your home is the last thing you want to happen. But what if it does? What actions can you take when you’re faced with this issue?

Being a homeowner is tough. You need to look after your home to make sure everything works the way it should. Even then, things can still go wrong.

So, you wake up and there’s no hot water in the house. What do you do next? There could be a number of reasons this is the case, and what you should do will depend on what the issue is.

This guide will help you decide. Read on to find out exactly the steps you should take if you discover hot water not working in your home.

1. Determine the Cause

The first thing you’ll want to do when your hot water isn’t working will be to try to figure out what could be causing the issue. This will dictate what steps you take next.

There could be many different things that are causing your water outage. Is there a weather event going on that could be the culprit? Is your thermostat malfunctioning?

Once you’ve ruled out the most obvious causes, you can try the most complex ones. Is your water tank or your gas line leaking, for example? Explore as many different possibilities as you can.

2. Find Your Fix

If you are able to locate the source of the problem, your next task will be to remedy the issue. Of course, the answer will depend on the issue.

It’s possible your water heater isn’t large enough, and you’ll need to have it replaced. It’s also possible that it’s the weather that’s causing the issue, in which case there’s not much you can do. Could repiping be necessary?

If the issue is more simple you may be able to fix it yourself. Resetting your water heater’s thermostat so it’s between 122 and 140 degrees shouldn’t be too difficult. Nor should relighting your pilot light if it’s gone out.

3. Call the Professionals

Were you unable to definitively determine the cause of your cold water concerns? Or did you find the cause of the issue, but found it too complicated to remedy on your own? If so, it may be time to call in the professionals.

A professional plumber should be able to find out what’s stopping the hot water from coming out of your taps and hopefully can fix the issue too. You shouldn’t delay, as waiting too long can often make issues such as these even worse. Call a trusted local plumbing service as soon as you’re able.

No Hot Water? No Problem!

If your taps have no hot water and you can’t figure out why, don’t panic. At The Plumber, we’ve been serving the good people of East Texas for over 15 years. Give us a call today and let us help you get your plumbing back on track.